but she’s my sister….

Today Papa and I were talking about how time is running at a fast rate and that we have no names shortlisted for the baby … let alone finalise a name.

Papa came up with one name that I liked and I began to say…that I like ‘.. and you interrupted and said….’hey but her name is Fluffy’.

I told you Mumma and Papa are going to decide the final name as it is our baby. And that when you have your own baby you can name her/him.

Pat came your reply: ‘But she is my sister’ !!!

OK point taken and now you have a say in the final name…only thing is that we’re only talking of girl baby names…and no one has thought of any boy names !!

God willing the baby will be a girl and we hope to not go looking for a boy name !! (touch wood)

And yes…child please get well soon…


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Now a pandit….

Anand Uncle & his lovely wife Ranjeeta, have a super cute baby boy now. He was born on 22nd of November.

A couple of days ago, I asked Ranjeeta, if they had shortlisted any names for the handsome little Gadkari. She replied in the negative.

So I asked Aadu to suggest some names and his recommendations were: Dev, Krishna and Balram !!

So now my Babdi is a Pandit suggesting names to new born babies !!

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my little decorator

Today just before lunch and as soon as Mangala had left the house.

Aadu: Mumma apan hey sagla gharach change karun taku. (Mumma, we will change this whole house)

Me: kasa kay? (tell me how)

Aadu: Mumma, we can shift the piano to this wall (indicating the wall in front of toy-room); and my tent can be next to my piano…..and the fofa (sofa) can stay here….and all my story-books can go to my toy room !!

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Nothing seems right…

Yesterday when I picked you up from school, you were listless and not your usual smiling self. I asked you what was wrong and you said that you said ‘Mumma I got fever’ 😦

I was shocked to learn from you that your teacher made you sleep on a mat in the class and did not even send you to the Nurse !!

When we reached home your fever was a high of 101.8 F.

Whole of yesterday afternoon and night your fever kept coming back in a 5 hour interval; this was the first time that each bout of fever came with you feeling very cold and you shivering and teeth chattering…..your hands turned blue as well 😦

Today we went to see your Dr. Azam, and he gave you some medicines and told us first to control your fever and wait for 2 more days before we decide on a blood test 😦 He also said ‘start the antibiotic only if the intensity of the fever is same’.

Since we were already at the hospital, we decided to go to my doctor as well coz my appointment was this Saturday. The naughty baby Flufffy did not show herself properly this time also !! She covered her face with her hands; but made sure to show all relevant things to the doctor to measure her growth !!

But with you not well, Aadu…nothing seems right…

Get well soon Beta.

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rolling with laughter

We were all rolling with laughter when last night you were changing into your night-dress…and while taking off your day-pants…your underpants came out along with it !!! and you let out a ‘uh ohhhhh’ and we turned around to see what happened !!!!! and saw the scene with you holding the underpants in your hands ready to put them on !!!

What a sight to see….we all started laughing and we laughed  a lot…..and yes …….you laughed the most !!

Friday is project-day at school, and you have told me that Teacher has asked you to talk about ‘Caterpillars’ as part of your class theme of ‘Insects’.

Love you bubble….


Aadu and his favorite Teddy

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So on and so forth…

Bubu….(that’s your first pet name ever!!)….in these past months since Mumma last blogged….you have only given me more and more reasons to be proud of you and wonder in amazement that such a wonderful child should find his way to me to be loved and mothered !! I daily thank the Almighty for giving you to me.

You have taken the news of the new baby’s arrival so well and are an eager beaver big-brother; who insists that the baby call you ‘Aadu Dada’.

You have named the baby as ‘Fluffy’ !! Initially I thought you were under the impression that a little dog or cat was making it’s way to our home!! But you clarified by saying that ‘Mumma…I just like the name…so we will call the baby as Fluffy’.

You talk to Fluffy everyday when you remember … there is no fixed time.

You are possessive about the little baby in mommy’s tummy and say that you will not let anyone take her away.

You have and are being the most sweet and considerate child by not demanding from me to pick you up or carry you. Even at times when you do…you listen to me when I suggest that you can sit on my lap instead.

School wise you are doing really amazing with all that reading and spellings and mathematics etc. You can now do simple Additions and read little stories..not just school ones but also your books at home like the ‘Puss in boots’, ‘Shoemaker and the elves’, etc.

You are trying out new things in the kitchen like the yummy egg-cake you made for yourself and Papa. It was an omlette with cheese and some milk etc…but you insist on calling it ‘Egg-cake’…..so Egg-cake it is.

You have done all this and much more….you are Mumma’s best Bubu.

Aadu at the hot springs at Felda Resort

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All in a day…

Today you did a splendid job at ‘Show and Tell’ in school. The topic being ‘Parts of a plant’.

As we exited the lift to reach home…we were arguing about something…and you said to me ‘Mumma you are a silly old girl’ !!!

In the evening I was watching TV, you enter the living room…all angry…I ask what happened…and you say…

‘Mumma I am so angry with the thermometer bag…toh nusta wedapana karto (it does only stupid things)…It is touching my favorite Spiderman CD…then my CD will get spoilt…then I cannot watch it…then I have to wipe and clean it with my T-shirt’ !!!

I am still laughing at you my honey pie !!

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