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Year 2

5th September 2012, year 2 at school begins for you.
I am so proud if you for doing well in year 1. Study you did it all on yourself, I did not make you study at home or did any revisions. I just let you be ‘you’ and relax when you got back from school.
You had exams only in the 3rd term; and sadly just before that, Ajoba passed away, and we were in Pune for almost a month. But you did so well in the exams despite missing classes at school, and multiplication and division introduced in maths class. I did not bother teaching you both these consents because you were very confident of the rest of the maths portion.
The things that surprised me and Papa were your grades in Arts! Come on Aadu…. An artist like you getting that grade!! I know you don’t like to be told what to draw, you prefer doing it your way, but that is no reason to do your assignments so slowly in school! You also gave the reason of other kids disturbing you!! Pleaseeee I know you, you must be the one who seeks out chances to talk to your classmates!!
And yes, I want you to improve in swimming also, ‘minimum participation’ is not something I want to see again in the remarks section!!

I am happy that you made friends at school, and look forward to going to school with a happy smile.

I hope and pray that Year 2 is good, enjoyable for you. This year the onus is that Zain has joined your school, so you will have fun for sure.

Love you my bachha!


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Tales from van -1

Red flag moment for me…

Aadu: mumma that golden kes (hair) wala boy’s name is Bloody!!! And he tells me to trouble & fight with Ben.

Option 1. Change van
Option 2. Speak to school & have them speak about van-discipline at the assembly
Option 3. Still wondering what I could do…..

Any suggestions?

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Tales from class 1

Aadu: mumma my friends name is Mohabbat Yusri.
Me & Papa: ??? What?? It must be Mohammad
Aadu: haan yes you are correct !!

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Yesterday was swimming lesson #2, I was worried coz during the last lesson you slipped and fell into the pool and were going ‘up & down’ with bubbles coming out! You opened your eyes under water ‘like Merlin’ and were ‘not scared’.
The teacher was close by and pulled you out immediately!!

Yesterday’s conversation:
Me: so how was swimming today?
You: me burlo nahi aaj!!! (I did not drown today’!!

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How could I???

In the previous post I went on & on about the changes in your life…. But forgot the most anticipated and most-looking-forward-to event…….
You Turned 6!!!!

We got you the cars 2 track set-Tokyo which you played for 2 days till now (grrrrrrrr) and cut n ate a cake; no party coz it was a Tuesday; we then cut another cake on Sargun’s birthday the following weekend and partied till evening.
You are a big boy now; and I still remember every thing you ever did till now! Sometimes I catch glimpses of the baby in you and feel very happy!
I wish you a very happy, healthy, fun filled year ahead!!!

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Then and now

The last post on this blog was December 2010; and between then and now lots n lots of changes have taken place in our lives… Your’s the most sweety pie… Then you were my only baby and now there is the 2nd baby to consume my time and energy once which was all yours; we changed your school; from an environment that you knew for the last two years you are now in a completely different setup; new friends, new people around; most drastic change is the unearthly hour at which we go down for the van!

In all this you have displayed utmost courage, fearlessness, and other qualities that would put an adult like me to shame. You have nor complained even once about all these changes and are still your charming, smiling, always-ready to crack a joke -self.

This past week your 1st tooth fell and you places it under your pillow and waited till morning for the tooth-fairy to do her job! The date was September 11.

I love you to bits and am proud to be your mom!!



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New found profession…

Papa has given you a nice holiday project to do: he wants you to make your dream board.

You asked us what it was and we explained that it is a chart or book in which you write or paste pictures of all the things that you want for yourself, places you want to go to…what you want to be when you grow up…your dreams, aspirations in general…

We’re just eager to see what a 5 year old can do on his dream board.

After this conversation we were doing something totally different and maybe listening to music…when all of a sudden you said.

Aadu: Mumma, I want to be a ‘arrower’ !!!!

and were making the action of a bow-and-arrow with your hands !!!

Mumma and Papa: are still rolling with laughter !!!

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