Year 2

5th September 2012, year 2 at school begins for you.
I am so proud if you for doing well in year 1. Study you did it all on yourself, I did not make you study at home or did any revisions. I just let you be ‘you’ and relax when you got back from school.
You had exams only in the 3rd term; and sadly just before that, Ajoba passed away, and we were in Pune for almost a month. But you did so well in the exams despite missing classes at school, and multiplication and division introduced in maths class. I did not bother teaching you both these consents because you were very confident of the rest of the maths portion.
The things that surprised me and Papa were your grades in Arts! Come on Aadu…. An artist like you getting that grade!! I know you don’t like to be told what to draw, you prefer doing it your way, but that is no reason to do your assignments so slowly in school! You also gave the reason of other kids disturbing you!! Pleaseeee I know you, you must be the one who seeks out chances to talk to your classmates!!
And yes, I want you to improve in swimming also, ‘minimum participation’ is not something I want to see again in the remarks section!!

I am happy that you made friends at school, and look forward to going to school with a happy smile.

I hope and pray that Year 2 is good, enjoyable for you. This year the onus is that Zain has joined your school, so you will have fun for sure.

Love you my bachha!


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