Then and now

The last post on this blog was December 2010; and between then and now lots n lots of changes have taken place in our lives… Your’s the most sweety pie… Then you were my only baby and now there is the 2nd baby to consume my time and energy once which was all yours; we changed your school; from an environment that you knew for the last two years you are now in a completely different setup; new friends, new people around; most drastic change is the unearthly hour at which we go down for the van!

In all this you have displayed utmost courage, fearlessness, and other qualities that would put an adult like me to shame. You have nor complained even once about all these changes and are still your charming, smiling, always-ready to crack a joke -self.

This past week your 1st tooth fell and you places it under your pillow and waited till morning for the tooth-fairy to do her job! The date was September 11.

I love you to bits and am proud to be your mom!!




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3 responses to “Then and now

  1. what did the tooth fairy leave in return 😉

  2. RS

    Congrats on the new bundle of joy. Great to catch u blogging again. Belated Birthday wishes to Adi.

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