but she’s my sister….

Today Papa and I were talking about how time is running at a fast rate and that we have no names shortlisted for the baby … let alone finalise a name.

Papa came up with one name that I liked and I began to say…that I like ‘.. and you interrupted and said….’hey but her name is Fluffy’.

I told you Mumma and Papa are going to decide the final name as it is our baby. And that when you have your own baby you can name her/him.

Pat came your reply: ‘But she is my sister’ !!!

OK point taken and now you have a say in the final name…only thing is that we’re only talking of girl baby names…and no one has thought of any boy names !!

God willing the baby will be a girl and we hope to not go looking for a boy name !! (touch wood)

And yes…child please get well soon…


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