1st Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)

Date: 26th September 2009, it’s a Saturday.

Your name is first on the list, and we were called in at 9 in the morning (of course). So we got up really early and all of us had bath, breakfast and then we were off to your school. As we entered school your class teacher, Teacher Usha peeped out of the classroom (did she want to see if we were coming…I don’t know).

There were 3 chairs arranged outside your classroom and I asked you to sit there as you were not allowed to enter your class with your parents for your (our) first PTM !!! Papa and I found this very ridiculous…

Your teacher showed us your class books, and we flipped through your English, Maths, Social ***(something), your art work in the scrap-book, your daily activity folder etc. She even handed over your report card, I thought we would be allowed to take it home with us so I did not read it in detail (turns out Papa also did not read it).

Teacher Usha told us how you are a bright student, and that you like to work in groups and are equally good at individual independent work. She said that we as parents were doing a fantastic job at home and that it showed at school through you. This I think she said to just get us off track and diving into happy-land.

Papa had a very ‘ i am proud of my son’ look on his face, and I was just about trying to look and sound like your mom !! I was nervous…really I was.

There were some pointers I had taken from your Y’Kidz report card, and had tried to memorize them so that I could ask your teacher all about them…and to my utter shame I managed to remember just one point and that was ‘what is Aaditya’s favorite activity or subject @ school?’ to which Teacher Usha replied that you like coloring, drawing, maths and story telling.

She also told us that despite all your absent days you are at par with the rest of the class. She was referring to the one month period when there was a lot of H1N1 scare going on and I was not sending you to school. I told her that during that time I was making sure you did your letter and number tracings, your drawings etc. I also told her that this year I just want you (as in you, Aaditya) to like the idea of a formal school, to understand what it is to take instructions from a teacher, to make friends in a class as large as this one. You were used to much smaller class sizes before this.

She then asked if we had anything to say to her in terms of feedback, I told her that she is doing a great job with you, and that since she is your teacher I am very relaxed and that I have no worries.

She asked us to sign the card and Papa asked me if I wanted to do it, and I said to Papa ‘you do it this time’ !! and your proud Papa signed it nicely and handed it back to your teacher.

We came out, and were thankful to God almighty to see you still sitting on that chair, quickly took you by the hand and then you wanted to show us your playground and your ‘tunnel slide’ and the swings.

Papa was horrified to see the swings, as they have concrete under them and none of them are the bucket-seats which are suitable for kids like you of small frame, worse is that the wall is so close to those swings….you were then instructed by Papa to not play on the swings at all.

On our way home, Papa and I told you all about the conversation inside and we told you how proud we were of you and that we loved you etc etc…

Love you babdi !!



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2 responses to “1st Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM)

  1. Smita

    Neelum did it remind you our “Open Day” as they would call it at Joseph’s where we had to go inside with our parents and sit with our heads down if marks were not good or if teachers had complaints…

  2. Wow,Neelum!Enjoyed reading the post and it’s great to learn that Aditya is doing so well in school.

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